What is Inteleum?

We are a highly specialized petroleum engineering and technology firm obsessed with helping our clients meet and exceed their production, operational and financial goals. At Inteleum, we are passionate about delivering cost-effective solutions; conducting operations in line with our values; being innovative and continuously growing in our Areas of Expertise.

Our services include management of projects from conception to evaluation of the results, ad hoc technical support, mentoring, and helping our clients identify and evaluate breakthrough technologies that can help them achieve their goals.



We have worked for some of the most admired E&P companies, where we made long-lasting contributions to their sustained success.

We have an exceptional track record of using our experience, knowledge, best-in-class software/technologies, data analysis, and industry connections (in combination), to deliver solutions resulting in $MM revenue increase and savings, significant reductions in number of failures and unplanned downtime, and substantial improvements in operational efficiency.

We are known for our ability to effectively work with company personnel of diverse backgrounds, experience levels, in different roles (operations, engineering, and management) as well as service company technical teams, technology companies, universities and U.S. national labs to develop and deliver the solutions our clients need.



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