Well Failures and Solid Blockages

Well Failures and Solid Blockages

Well Failures and Solid Blockages


A couple of years into the development of a prolific shale oil field, a shale operator witnessed a step increase in the number of downhole failures due to corrosion and solids deposition along with substantial increases in OPEX and downtime associated with these events. The operator requested to review and update the production chemistry and corrosion monitoring as well as the mitigation program in place to revert the trend in number of events and associated cost in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.



Reviewed and updated the existing production chemistry and corrosion monitoring program for wells.

Improved root cause failure reporting.

Oversaw the scale/corrosion inhibitors, and biocide selection and validation testing program.

Co-developed a new chemical treatment strategy for corrosion, MIC and solids deposition by Artificial Lift Type.

Developed KPIs for chemical performance and service tracking.

Coordinated the development of a central database to integrate all the data generated by the production chemical service providers along with relevant data already in company databases for comprehensive performance assessments.


A year and a half into the program, OPEX due to well failures had decreased by 15% with a downward trend at the time.