DFITs Design and Execution

DFITs Design and Execution

DFITs Design and Execution


A shale operator had been performing DFITs in vertical and horizontal wells to obtain critical information for reservoir characterization and hydraulic fracturing simulations. The percentage of successful tests was about 50% including tests that were cut short. Stand-by-cost was also another area of concern. The operator wanted to increase the rate of successful tests, and make sure the duration of the tests was not beyond the necessary time to obtain the parameters of interest.

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Conducted a throughout review of the DFITs performed in the field.

Identified areas for improvement.

Developed design and execution guidelines including pump rates, pump time, and analysis frequency to ensure the test was ended at the right time.

Oversaw test planning and execution, and performed analysis on-the-fly to call the test.


The percentage of successful DFITs increased by 80%.

Stand-by costs were reduced by 10%.

The new design and execution guidelines became the standard for entire organization.