Conventional Wells Productivity Enhancement

Conventional Wells Productivity Enhancement

Conventional Wells Productivity Enhancement


In an effort to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, the operator of a prolific conventional oil field decided to change drilling and completion fluids composition and weight, resulting, among other things, in overbalance perforating conditions. The operator noticed the average IP of the new wells was below the average IP of the wells previously drilled and completed in areas where depletion was not expected and similar reservoir properties.



Build-up tests were conducted on selected wells.

Quantified potential production enhancement through stimulation.

Identified well damage mechanisms.

Formulated matrix treatment and developed treatment procedures.

Oversaw treatments execution.

Performed post-treatment performance assessment.

Developed guidelines for underbalance perforating.


The average production increase of the wells treated was 25%.

Underbalanced perforating became the new standard for new and existing wells.

A field-wide productivity enhancement campaign was initiated following the established workflow.